The desert line evokes the sand, the sun and the wind that, with a continuous, incessant movement, create patterns and shapes, spaces and silences that Laura Volpi captures in a single instant, making a permanent image of sculptural plasticity.

The recycled aluminium, from which they are made, gives the suspension and wonder of a lightness not imagined at first glance.

An experimentation with new materials that goes in the direction of less environmental impact and returns to a circular movement of transformation.

The voice of the Desert resonates with these words by poetess Valeria Manzi:

"Consumed by the tides

Made opaque with salt

Resembling echoes of words

Remnants of shells

They reveal the motion of the sea

Currents of navigating destinies

Like the ocean that finds itself in a face"

Grains of sand like drops of water, dunes like continuously changing waves, shaped by the impetuous rush of the wind.

Constant transformation, natural rhythm, ebb and flow of the tides, of sand, of water: ever-changing forms of a being that appears eternal in its perennial mutability.

Desert as a source of inspiration: search for a natural rhythm in life, flow of ever-changing geometries, astonishing in their uniqueness.