Laura Volpi e  Francesca Corazzina

Francesca e Laura

Francesca is a an architect with a vocation for color. She works as interior designer and color consultant and
cultivate synergies within all sectors where color is at the core of researches and projects.

“I believe color is sort of a building material ; in interiors as well as in exterior speces and architecture, color is
perceived through our senses, not just the sights. Qualities perceived by an interaction of our senses guide us in
appreciating spaces of true wellbeing.”

Sounds qualities of colours linked to natural experiences are the motive in this design. Low and deep is the
sound of a dark green coniferous forest, smooth and light is the sound of the vast air and sea when they melt
to the horizon, short and gay is the voice of a yellow-green new spring bud.

This is the 2022 palette for the Colore collection by Laura.

Same palette of green and light blue combined in different tones and saturations for an interior residential
project by Francesca. Colours here respond to different function of architectural element : a floor give us
support, walls make us breath, and furnitures are the hints of vividness.

Architetture portabili, were born as “connessione al confine” of Laura and Francesca activities.
For the “Architettura” Collection of Laura, drawings by Francesca have been used, as well as materials (wood sheet
and fabrics) and eco mural paints.

The event in COLOREDESIGN studio was a great appointment to get to know their work. Francesca and Laura
think there will be soon a “sequel”.