Laura Volpi e  Valeria Manzi


Valeria Manzi, artist and poet.

She initially works on several restoration projects between Lombardy and Austria. She grows up in the graphic art workshops where large sheets of engraving and refined artist books are made for publishing houses such as Pulcino-Elefante, Derbylius or The Harmless Boy; she exhibits her work in group and solo shows from Ravello to Sao Paolo. She directed – and was also the owner – the chalcographic engraving techniques workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. She has been collaborating  with the Milanese poet Stefano Raimondi for several years.

She published her first book of poems – Setting Eyes on Branches – in 2017.

Valeria has a very sensitive and vibrant knowledge of colors, together we looked for new deep colors for the Colore collection. It was exciting to see how, in a defined area, small and with an already established rhythm, Valeria gave birth to colors that talk to each other and spoke in a profound way … as in her poems …