Laura Volpi end  Côme Touvay


GIOIELLO CONTEMPORANEO. Duetto Bracelet (a Laura Volpi e Côme Touvay collaboration ).

A story by Valeria Accornero. 2017  

Laura Volpi, jewel designer, and Côme Touvay, French textile designer, present a new jewel proposal: the Duetto Bracelet in silver and fabric. It is the first jewel of a new collection that comes from the collaboration between the two artists, in which their skills and common inspirations converge: a creative duet. Laura Volpi sculps silver components: individual pieces, each one recalling a rhythm and together with the other pieces creating a form. Côme Touvay intertwines these elements and combines them into the fabric, thus integrating in the weft the sense of movement suggested by the single elements, that are inspired by the frames of Eadweard Muybridge.

Their research stems from the will to bring together two ancient and artisan crafts and from the desire to create an inextricable bond between the silver components and a complex thread weave – the silver components are not sewn but woven inside – suggesting the idea of a contemporary jewel that explores the sense of movement and the image fragmentation. The silver components are individual parts of a whole image, visual fragments recalling an unique form; the weaving is made with 6 threads (raw linen, silver thread, cotton, silk, mohair) and seeks for a visual dynamism. Some threads rise back to the surface, floating . The result is a bracelet that combines the ancestral techniques of weaving and casting, while expressing rhythm, movement and fragmentation.

Côme Touvay – Textil Designer



Côme Touvay creates fabrics for both the fashion and the decoration world. He can supervise the production process at both an artisan and industrial level. Owning several looms, allows him to do research and experiment in direct contact with the matter, thus making weaving an all-round expressive experience. His textile researches are explorations in quest of new technical and aesthetic potentialities;  his collaborations are always seen as a chance to discover new weaving methods, a further challenge to his creative approach. He develops in the first place a poetic vision, whose essence is made of structure, stuff and colour, allowing a perception and a language which serve as a bridge between appearance and concealment.

Côme Touvay   +33 614377318      chezcome@hotmail.com